Monday, December 17, 2012

International Organizational Development

CCSR Community and Organizational Specialist Teresa Strausz, LMSW, had an opportunity to go to Bolivia in June to do organization development consulting with the nonprofit organization Hospitals of Hope. Her experience was an international component of her Master of Organization Development program at Friends University.

One of the ways the students worked with this organization involved hosting a World Café for the staff of the hospital in Cochabamba, Bolivia. World Café is an event that provides structure for creative and open conversations about topics that are important to an organization or community.

Jim Maddox, MSOD program director at Friends, posted about the World Café this group hosted. It was the first World Café documented for this country. One story he tells is particularly moving: 
A cleaning woman talks with Dr. Ricalde, Medical Director at the hospital.
"There were many thanks and a lot of hugs from participants to the hosts/facilitators. One cleaning lady, with tears streaming down her cheeks, thanked us, saying she had worked at the hospital for 7 years and this was the first time anyone had asked her ideas or what she loved about the hospital or what the hospital could become; for the first time, she was given a voice. This was powerfully moving."

If you’re interested in hosting a World Café for your organization, contact CCSR at 316-978-3843 or send us an email.

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